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one, and the book remains a reliable and exhaustive guide to

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Fiquet, the latter contain toxic substances. The tendency is

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alteration from a high state of leucocytosis without anaemia to that

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by more ill consequences to the general economy than by good results

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of a malformed, diseased, or injured portion of the intes-

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sion. The incomplete operation should be abandoned,

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the peculiar odor of putrefaction, but only a strong em-

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comes, therefore, the duty of every member of the med-

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applied to the part itself, worketh not the effect, but only when

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country enjoy exemption from phthisis. The disease prevails to a much

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the only exceptions, because the auricular contraction increases the cur-

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bed Fever. Mr. Charles White on Pregnant and Lying-in Women.

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returned to his native town and practised his profession till

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The general nature of the irregularity is, however, perfectly

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are injected sub cutem, or into the peritoneal cavity, substances antagonistic

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pernicious malarial fever of cerebral type in which

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— 101 males and HI females; 195 were persons under 20 years of age. The

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Period of more than One Venom.— The third period, extending up to the

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effect, of the gouty inflammation. He believes that the inflamma-

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— not by one person, but by every one in his own sphere

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diphtheritic paralysis or as a final symptom. Occasionally it occurs

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pecidiar Form of fostering the Voung in the lower classes of

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cells, which are mostly mononuclear leucocytes, endothelial-like

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takes place^ and the course of the disease is rendered much more

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Jefferson, Roland A, 710 North Water St, Milwaukee 53202

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holders are affected by having as large a number of them

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tion of spirits, small doses of opium and quinia, and such aliment as

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and considers that the Rolandic area has been definitely settled

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sudden denouement of a secret motive— the rush of a

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Dr. J. Braxton Hices, F.R.S., President, in the Chair.

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of Potash in 20-grain doses four times a day would also prove

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gives occasion to congestions or effusions or haemorrhages or