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the indications and contra-indications for giving anaesthetics. It

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was faint. The urine, which was passed freely, was acid, and contained

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fibrous, cystic, and diminished in size, interstitial nephritis being the chief

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tions of the city — Kassin-Pacha, the chief focus of all epidemics and par-

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one small portion of the lung, may be eliminated, and the part

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There are two aiguments in favour of venesection — one (a) theore-

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Thirty-second Annual Report of the Cincinnati Hospital for

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of the faculties of the mind, must be equally well fitted for

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found in the stools, but the blood agglutinated the

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boats, and the officers, used filtered river-water.

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both appearing in the urine. The alkaline carbonates, which are

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fliers who are incapacitated for one reason or another are sent to

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where the hemorrhage took place (Flexner and Noguchi). In certain

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GULAR FLAP. With Engravings on Wood. 8vo. cloth, 5s.

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twinges of pain, which become gradually less sharp and frequent

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The Maroon .and Gray five were never in daniter and coasted along to an easy

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Maternity Hospital is known, or may be learned from

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of the cases, then, was surgical treatment deemed necessary.

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secretion ; severe head symptoms ; in one case prostration and want of

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the wholesale and outrageous manufactiure and sale of

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in construction and administration in providing and caring for the

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tion the hemiparesis, which at other times wa§ hardly, if at

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Washington George, instituted the first examination of can-

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panying iridectomy. These figures, in conjunction with

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Institute, New York, to be treated for hydrophobia. It appears

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Indeed, he states, " so much did I suffer that, fjr a con-

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may occasion a dull or parenchymatous sound, from solidification, the

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EoTAL College of Scp.geos's of E^-GLA^•D. — The

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tropics, and he seems to consider that the continuance of a febrile

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omy of administration and construction, and in the last case of ex-

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the intellectual temptations of the necessary studies of

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sity of Siberia, to consist of two Faculties, of Law and Medi-

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given me a lesson. But, as soon as ever the old woman perceived

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