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infection through the umbilicus, the peculiar hemorrhagic disease of
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This plant has no smell and very little taste, but it is much
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fered much from the effects of a fright during her preg-
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than in bursting fractures; in other words, more favorable in those
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have been published, the condition of the patients was such that it would be very
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superficial ulceration, surrounding, more or less completely,
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areas, and at the junction of the septa they are firm and nodular.
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[Communicated for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.]
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cated instances, attended a rigid isolation, as at Peterhoff and Zarcozelo,
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sion. Some little time ago, while traveling from Sydney to San
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refilled. 1 failed to get a view of the epiglottis for
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there was enlargement of the liver, waxy casts in the
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readers, and this reduction in its bulk could easily be
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Prophylaxis. — "Wherever possible the patients should be removed to
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in parchment or waxed paper and two safety pins wrapped in waxed
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of the two diseases, typhoid and ty])hus, bring out in detail all that
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has prevented me from putting this impression to the test.
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Case S.- — February 6, Lum Hong Yuin, autopsy made in Main
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cas d'abc6s des tibias. Rev. m6d. de Vest, Nancy, 1888,
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attended with mild inflammatory changes, and was caused, no doubt, by
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protruded, trembles very much. The case thus far described, may go on
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Owing to the cedematous condition, the lower angle of
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per cent, would be moderate. The sum of these mortalities
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1. That Her Majesty may appoint an asylum for criminal
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central nervous system as neuroglia tissue and have followed in this respect
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ing with this powder on the green aphis that troubles our
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America and a few business men, of which the author
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In twenty-four hours after coupling the young larvae are found free
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musical scale is interfered with ; conversation is there-
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individual and his ability to resist. "Successful treat-
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give an encouraging word to those who were striving to succeed.
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lum, and which undoubtedly increases her ratio, it still seems
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liver oil are each of them valuable medicines. The application of blisters
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corpuscles per cubic millimetre, Jolly was able to follow the repair of the blood under