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while the latter is seen especially in leukemia. In cases of the myelo-

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♦LkSaok — Advextuhes of Gil Blas, written about 1600. — ^I

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had abundant diarrhea with a large loss of blood, and vomiting

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tried western beds in his hospital, and those who have introduced

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minimum for admission into the British Army viz., 33 inches.

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imi^l «iHk tii:;ct!uT. R;iti.>iKil wniuui tri.-,-.tim'Mt i- itllpo^^il1lc witliout

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was found to be suffering from apoplexy with asphyxia, and

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normo-, hyper-, and hypocytosis, the terms wo and aniso having refer-

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and physical trauma for a longer time, complications

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for it, perhaps at the cost of life and at the risk of dis-

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to remove it. We are then obliged to resort to a treatment directed

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had been from ten to fifteen, which was a surprise to the author.

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slightly so in the epigastrium. The abdomen around and

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Pernicious Anaemia ; Report of a Case. — G. R. Trowbridge

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Dr. Gallup affirmed, that in his section of the country, an almost certain fatality had

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epidemic spotted fever in June, 1808, in the midst of life and in the full

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nerve fibrils. May I say in passing that the operation

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economy, and he found that one grain injected was worth

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cause his rejection, or his habits of life and moral bearing are such as

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so severe upon the woman, anything to do with the high

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Treatment. — Stop the mercury at once and give iodide of

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other lung diseases, was markedly influenced by certain in-door

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thereof, failed. I have so often seen this effect of the drug that I

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heen several times tapped, and on one occasion treated by the injection of

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Certain practicians in Cincinnati are flooding the city with

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ment is a natural protection against light. This is clearly

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m front of i\iQ person using it, but it should never shine

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experimental animals, and that in adults, at least, no effects were observed.

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It i3 most efficacious when taken in the morning fasting, warmed to a temperature not below do", or when an

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down of diseased tissue, liquids it and puts * Address by D j E Brooks Super intendent

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to marry, and desired to know if anything further could be