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and spectroscopic absorption band in the purple can not be accepted as

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Cavities. — Dr. William Browning read a short paper

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Aneurism of Aortic Arch. — In this same case there

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moral nature. It is not his part to cater to an already degenerate mind

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of simple erythematous eczema, before the vesicles develop, a solution

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ing, this ]K)rtion of the Code would shield every so-

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commencement of symptoms — the upper limbs show invading muscular

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scope slide is difficult when individual still images are

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ducing a probe into the wound of entrance, it followed a track over the inner

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were the aims and objects which animated so many of the

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plex followed the preceding auricular P wave, after a

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the term superior being used to distinguish it from a similar affection of

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One of the three patients in whom I had seen the scalp affected

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of action whose chief ambition was to be physician or surgeon in the

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the membranes are twisted into a cord-like form. If now the

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ment so firm that the separation, which is ordinarily so easily effected,

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tumors, but were not enlarged or otherwise altered in structure, except

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defence of the unfortunate children was proved by the existence on the

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correct this dislocation and to bring about a state of nervous equili-

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trill furnish one hundred reprints free to the author, upon his UTit-

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requisite. I have often been at considerable pains in removing

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I assigned the motion of the lips to the remains of uterine or fetal life.

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sense in which Dr. Alexander Wood has understood it, I should

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method is carried on very successfully at the Faience works of Boulogne-

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and finally becomes stationary in a small bile duct ;

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itant and occasional piping rales on the right side. There is some impair-

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are — that in the symptoms and effects, progress and pathology, of

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fill the tin. Take milk enough to fill your boiler, [as they

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which Avas chiefly transformed into the fibro-cellular structure, and

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skin — according to the method of the late W. J. Roe — the

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pose, the ports are for the safety of the ship neces-

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directed to the front is now behind. The occiput has rotated in a

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ming. Nederl. Tijdschr. v. Geneesk., Amst., 1898, 2. E.,

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recognition of them to the similarity of their symptoms, with