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lack of proper course of training in pharmacy, and (3) the

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With respect to wages our average is deplorably low. This

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that, under the infliieiice of increased vagus action, the impulse passing-

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established, tj7)ical cases became scarce. They reappeared in the au-

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Sir Kenneth Goadby : I have been very interested in the psycho-

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to it considerable importance, regarding it as the anatomical characteristic

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servative body, Sir Henry Acland has been re-elected

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Tegetables, com, bread, flour, milk, or tea which has been sold

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tolerance studies in patients with ischemic heart disease, reduces

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^Annual Report of the Bureau of Animal Industry ^ 1899.

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ulceration, in the extreme hardness, and in its resilstance to the

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Alcoholism, and Nervous Diseases, 293 Central Park West, at 89th St.,

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guided perfectly by resting the fingers on the bone. The

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them as pupils without a fee; and a gross professional

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removal of unsanitary conditions of feeding and dwelling. As

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Lobelia Inflata. — All the preparations of lobelia

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bulb thermometer at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. was 54.8°, or 2.7° above

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thrown upon the rheumatic element in my patient's family,

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McAnally, James McG., Reidsville; Univ. of Pa., 1927; U.N.C. 1927

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it would be an excellent opportunity for bringing to a certain

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or defeat its power, the inhabitant of the country or the city can-

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escape of blood only. March 1st, retention of urine has appeared ; cathether

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dental troubles during periods of other diseases, for, as must be evident

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