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ment, which is so highly creditable to the State, under the care of an able,

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brane, or associated with inflammation of the tonsils or of the s

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cell, become free in the blood, and are then sometimes furnished with

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idea that by causing perspiration the eruption will become more brilliant

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centres ; as centres of independent reaction, wherein ideas may

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stench for another!" To-day, four years later, Billroth him-

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trary, are commonly found filled, or even distended, with firm fibrinous

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under the control of the will. Co-existent with the mental

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which this great physician has not treated quite fully.

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There are questions of as much interest to the practic-

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curring between the antiseptic agent and the vital fluid

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. ^ rather doubtful treponema has recently been described by Dobell in the

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Pirrie, the pedicle was further secured by two acupressure

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used, because I have had difficulty in convincing some patients that they were not

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excepting between the first and the fifth day after the fedl of the navel-

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drawn out, as it were, and appears as a narrow band of light with a straight

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paralysis. Dr. Sturge believed, therefore, that the lesion was the same as in the

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at autopsy, show hv'pertrophy and cloudy swelling of the muscle.

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be viewed from several aspects, such as the hygienic and econ-

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should be boiled the first thing in the morning. Towels used by the

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able to devote their time to the restoration of health, hunting, sporting,

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Jacobs, Willmar; J. B. Clement, Lester Prairie; Edwin

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request of any member the vote upon each proposition shall be taken separately.

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treme potency. Fifty milligrams of the solid constituents of the mac-

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"The History of the War Collection," by Professor Arthur Keith;

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measures. When a fatal epidemic once invades a domicile, there can be no

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conditions are uol particularly noticeable. Secretion of mucus

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this is only apparently so. In reality, I feel justified in say-

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of force. The stimuli which provide for the storage of

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But aside from the fakir and his drop we have within

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the union of the edges appears to be perfect, except at the point where the

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tion to advocate the home treatment or care of the in-