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265. Throbbing in the right temple very soon. J. Fr., L ; in
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be of some service to collect such facts in regard to
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impaired motion is due to the injury of tiie soft parts and resulting formation of
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It is not impossible — it is unlikely — that a series of twenty-three
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*' noitre la rage." Histoire des Maladies de S. Domingue.
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an arrangement already obtains in many hospitals, the managers of which have not
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resistant to Gram's stain, and also that cultivated anaerobically they
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30. Granville P. Smith, of Tennessee; on the Qualifications of the
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nucleus is seen. The majority of the leucocytes are myelocytes,
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sufficient for most purposes. The excursion of the lungs is then hardly
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gestion during the time the uterine disease exists. If
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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and Allied Sciences, publithed at
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in the presence of alumni, students, colleagues and friends, a
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as if too open, and as if air were pouring into them ; or, as if
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evacuated from joints as well as from other parts of
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surface of tlie brain is smooth as in the preceding
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advantages, is, for various reasons, of limited application.
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ed, it was stifling in the whole house and we had to open the
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chronic generalizing tuberculosis in childhood need hardly be insisted
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presented a set of uterine dilators, made of steel, cylin-
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Power. At the annual soirie of the Society there was,
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throughout Asia. It is found in many of the islands of the Indian and
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divided into two classes, namely, those which remain permanently in the
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We have also a good example of the course of treatment more
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frequently unite in the form of a horse shoe, and in X. This black
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could, leaving only the portion under the catheter and which was to form
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avoidance of the premature menopause with all its at-
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felt bound to sentence the prisoners each to penal servitude for
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conditions should be embraced under this general term. The term phthisis
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further duty at Columbus Barracks, Ohio, and when his services
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2,573 and there died in hospital 250. Of the 250 deaths*
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cells lying either in tubular arrangement or in irregular masses or "pearls,"
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the pains and anaemia were of septic origin, the cause being the diseased
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complicated by tuberculosis, and gives the results of a