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Isn't it about time a halt were called, a penitential retrospect
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opinion in language which is always emphatic and sometimes
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drops three times a day for fifteen days, and after that
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If pork is thoroughly cooked or thoroughly cured, there is no danger of
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President: Sink, C. S., N. Wilkesboro; N. C. Med. Coll., 1912 1912 1913
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The changes in the gastro-intestinal tract are slight and mostly due to
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of several rain baths. The adoption of the rain bath
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surgical procedures of the " cutting" kind may be but few, and
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about the same potency as laudanum. A solution of Chloride
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of a blood-stained fluid, like urine, which had been continu-
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and hung down from the upper cul-de-sac over the eyeball. A
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attacked. In a new neighbourhood, where there were about seventy houses,
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There has been an inflammatory deposition of Ij-mph on the
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Colonies at large, and to most of our foreign possessions, and the
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is very small, consequently the heat of the surface is low, and
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the left of the ordinary position. The bladder was open-
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very definitely rose even in some cases of arthritis with a normal
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muscles, and also allays dyspnea without the least depression of the heart. It thus
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Her complexion was very bad, her general nutrition impaired, and her
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Eruption: Not so prominent as in measles. ■ Not so high.
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Gentian Violet. Description of Technic, Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1921, 77, 24.
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of sugar. Uric acid and kreatinin, the reducing substances of normal urine, do not
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or fifteen days. All the usual remedies had been tried in vain.
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Lewis Willcox, L.S. A . Wareham, I lorset (of King's College) ; and Thomas
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that the publication of this list may refresh the minds of many who have,
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suggested as explaining this rare and little understood affection. He then comes
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in character, as regards the subglottic larynx, and hence
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anemia (chloro-anemia, vide p. 256; also Modes of Onset),
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the urea, &c. which accumulate in the blood are by this means
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debilitated subjects, in whom little or no reaction appears to follow the
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same time are very peevish, nothing pleasing them, want to be carried all
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likely to suspect what has caused the trouble. Unfor-
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infant to cause actual suffering, although often enough they are an
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some reduction of the temperature of the body, diminution of delirium,