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to the specific character of the country and the climate. Some, according to their own
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bladder or the tender utero-vesical region is palpated, and the thickened
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So excellent have been their results in certain classes of
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often identical, but after excitement are more intense
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the same, absorption is rapid and active in propor-
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the finger and thumb they gave way and cracked like a thin-shelled walnut. A longitudinal
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tions. There are several species of this disease. When
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vice that there is no need to dwell upon it here, farther than to point
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Simon speaks of our modern works of town drainage and
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latter approximates in aspect to lupus vulgaris. A rare variety is that-
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Johnston, David, Magherafelt. co. Derry; May 22, 1800
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A discussion ensued in which Dr. Day, Mr. De Meric, Dr.
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3' Foley, A. E. : Du Travail dans I'Air comprime; Etude medicate,
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the highest mortality from it. As climate is not the sole cause of
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commenced by the use of the brine bath. It is brought
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accessible to the free passage of natural currents of air, and should be
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tailing experience, one of two things must occur — cither the
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from the Hindu medical and scientific works they transmitted to the
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and leucocytosis. According to Du Mesnil the primary anatomical change
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nothing but one-sided advocacy. That is what I meant, and
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of onset. A second case was in the person of a married
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arteriosclerotic; passive congestion. (3) Lymphatic
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THE corpus luteum develops in the Graafian follicle
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ed to be delivered from the vigour of the uterus being impaired,
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women, who cannot or will not nurse their children. In
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S. p]., etc. [Edinburgli Medical Journal, June, 1^75.]
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All succeeding ages departed and wandered more or less
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by the medical editor, all signed expressions of opinion belong to the author(s) for which neither the WMJ nor the SMS take
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Treatment. — The author wishes to protest at the outset against that
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my vaccination campaigns so that every individual gets the word.
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branches of the service will be filled from this ex-
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simply as his dictum, and we believe no horacEopathist has