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never been acutely and seriously ill. Fifteen years
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admitted from same district, and delivered, out of which there was one
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Red cells are stained orange to pink; nuclei, shades of violet; eosinophile granules,
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the results so far accomplished may prove of some value in helping
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parasitic origin. Even if micro organisms are not the
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milk evacuated is no longer curdled. This sort of vomiting is an im-
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in order to determine the extent and possibly the origin of
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soldiers who suffered from small-pox, and other contagious
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namely, that the academic council should consider the
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their appropriate correcting glasses. Arch.Ophth., N. Y.,
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late syphilides not only in being attended with more or less deep ulceration
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patients suffering from early tuberculosis will fear to
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• publicizing the availability of the SMS as a community group resource center on gun-related injury data and
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The paper is accompanied with a table of all the re-
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Our nation also has the dubious distinction of leading
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consideration in the editorial entitled “Is Central-
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the resistance of the tissues of the finger-tips. This resistance is very different
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as peripneumonia notha. Sauvages has very accurately portrayed
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this disease, remarks : " We usually observe, in fact, that the
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Nervous Diseases, and occasionally in private practice, quite a
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mation laryngitis differs from bronchitis, the difference being probably due
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sumably in the adult individual), but in orderly succession,
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armies in Western Europe during the war and the fact that trench
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the possible usefulness,” wrote Dr. Menninger, “of reviv-
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ruary, 189f^ when the right eye was quite blind. A cataract had
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satory lateral curvature " in cases of chronic pleuritic disease, is beauti-
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blood were drawn from a vein. The above described condition,
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With serums from nonsyphilitic }>ersons the results were uniformly
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are accustomed to an indoor life. Fourthly, women do not smoke or drink,
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perceived that they consisted of a thin sanio-sanguinolent fiuid,
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tive of glycosuria at the same time signs of deep gastric
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crew were slightly ill; and what was singular, during '•heir whole
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marks of much privation ; some were peasants ; one was a
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taken out of moral and placed in material pathology
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