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I'anton flannel, large enough to cover one-third of the

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vhieb cultivation is already in progress. Now if this cultivation take

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elevated at night. Drum heads not bulging ; ecchymoses rup-

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found to be formed by the deposit of whitish matter within the mal-

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tance. Michaelis, in the Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, 1900, No.

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17 from tubercular phthisis (phthi'iis), 3 from tubercular meningitis,

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of temperature and marked drowsiness, approaching the comatose state,

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estate of Dr. Charles Kendall Adams, ex-president of the Uni-

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system, as in Stokes- Adams' disease ; (3) the transient " rythme

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Bull. d. r. Accad. ined. di Roma, 1883, ix, 110-116.

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had enjoyed good health until April, 1867, after which time she grew

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This will allow the physicians in charge to determine

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of ozonised oxygen were so treated, 92 volumes of oxygen free

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long as the art of medicine continues a liberal one and

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5. References in parentheses numbered consecutively. No

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quantities of ice-water. Just as the unfortunate stomach

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Pulmonary tuberculosis, tetanus, and anal fistula are amply

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a lifetime, and may be regarded as mainly a disease of childhood. It is

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which is on first thought an astonishing high rate. However, when

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subdivision of this item into (a) primary and (b) secondary intro-

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touch of any part of the skin of the lower extremi-

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the rich and well-selected materials which he has been for years submit-

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markedly degenerated, and difficult to harden. The tumors are surrounded by layers of

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up to 40 per cent, after twenty years' service. The

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said wasted, in visiting the hospitals in this metropolis,

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the beliefs of that time. Svengali, the villain, a sort

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Vol. ii. p. 29. line 19. for idlcfynery, read idiofyncrafy,

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Bra' ev, C. J.. MB , has been olocted Honorary Surgeon to the Birming-

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Fig. 1. — From a case of severe coxitis io a boy six years old. Primary tuber-

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brauchten Proben sind der Zollstelle wieder auszuh&ndigen. Sie sind,

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in an asylum, three of the others are reported as due to cases imported