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blackwater fever by Veretas in Greece in 1858 ; next by Toma-

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dilated, or else extremely contracted, pupils : these are the symptoms

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Med 1906, Ix, 314) and Tsehistowitsch and Kolessnikoff (Multiples diffuses

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response of the hearts to heating was the same in atropinized and

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acute cases was probably connected with the action of toxic

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On the Movement of Rotation determined < the axis of the body, the squint was imme-

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Should the icterus become intense, the fever, sweating, and

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Magazine for November which will ad- cago University.

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vances in knowledge than by the ordinary methods. The

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(hemisystole) has been discussed by B. v. Leyden,* H. E. Hering,*

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which was kept in place during the night preceding the

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means of two adjustable flanges or bands; as you pass

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though the use of incandescent mantles has much im-

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of these two diseases may be very difficult* In forming an opinioo,

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somewhat obliquely in the left side of the chest above the dia-

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distinctly red and a little purplish around the periphery. Note

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ing sounds systematically. One difficulty might arise from the

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The work already so excellent in the first edition has in this been thor-

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show engorgement of the entire loop. There is considerable tortuosity of arterial

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secondarily infected from the nose and the pharyngeal organs. The

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sufficient of its own gravy left, put the meat into this, as it is