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vious to this last attack, when he voided only small
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hot oniony or garlicky taste in the mouth ; great excitement of
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their concord. Two hundred and thirty years have elapsed
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be tried if the other means, after a faithful trial, do not benefit. It can
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nary ptyalism. The true mercurial fetor of the breath was not present in
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In the rebreathing apparatus the percentage of oxygen is grad-
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plied to it. Here again the elaborator of nomenclature has
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chalybeate ; at Baden and Wiesbaden, the hot saline; at;
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very complete, and yet recoverabUy state of torpor in man.
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Dr. Philip deprived a rabbit of sensation and voluntary power, by a stroke on the occiput
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are drawn. For the rest, the reliability of the symptoms once
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"convalescence is usually announced" by a particular kind of "in-
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available antidotal agents. Avicenna, whose '■'■Ckinon^^
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at least, was that of 1788, also arising in Russia and spreading
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tions, some of which act directly or as mere local irritants ;
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the medical sciences has been made during the century !
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character. I to the orbit, and its all important contents; and
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chief reward in a consciousness of integrity of purpose, and an inclina-
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re-enact a mandatory motorcycle helmet law for all motorcy-
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three or four forms of the same disease : these complications are met
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sea-sickness, and had become so exhausted and shattered by
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right of the middle line. The intestine was pushed up. The
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epidemic resembled what he calls "Bombay fever," a disease
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full consideration. Brief chapters on deaf-mutism and on me-
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tery. Read before the Grand Rapids Medical Society,
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