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administration of potassium iodide. While in a few of the cases tubercle

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altogether. Electricity, in the form of faradism to the principal muscles,

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use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine. Second Edition. Thorougly Revised.

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for the surgeon who first treats a wounded man to act antiseptically, if the one

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observed. The doubtful character of one case renders a judgment as

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Demoiis. Resection du poignet ; nouveau procM^ ope-

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watched six cases pass off in the labor-room under the care of the house

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besides, when we reflect on the very imperfect means which the physicians

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2000 distilled water). The addition of tyrosin solution to broth does

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everywhere throughout the body. But the point of special interest m

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over 21 years at the National Institutes of Health did a neo-

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Henry Rutherfurd, Dr. George Halket, Dr. John Ritchie, Dr. J.

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Sanitary Improvements in London . . 62 ^ v^etable Parasites of the Human Skin . 67

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Surgeons, and John Ruhrah, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of

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cination act in the army, it has been decided that the unvaccinated wife or

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Deans, A. W., Battleboro, Med. Coll. of Va., 1915.... 1915 1917

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with albuminuria is rare ; it has, however, been observed in a small num-

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croft at CamphiU, m about seven inches of muddy water. The

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cover-slip, and this may be dried over an alcohol or gas-flame with a

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new protective is now dipped and applied ; the deep and super-

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2000 distilled water). The addition of tyrosin solution to broth does

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-as also in heathen mythology. Do we not recall the words of Job, spoken to

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The Insertion of several communications is unavoidably delayed on

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very drowsy, semi-conscious condition, although the pupils were

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I was advocating what was so universally assented to by the wise, the

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A source of persistent cough that is interesting on account of the

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week, showing first in the lower incisors. From the

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treated together, and some medical jurists have admitted no distinction in the

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of students in enormous numbers, not unaided by the professors, met in

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may have relations to retention is not denied, but the retention is a result