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scalp. To the hand, it felt warmer than the surround-
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thousand parts, but in general there is nothing that re-
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ville Medical College. One was a child, that several members of the
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make these fundamental pathologic distinctions that
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days, but there was no jaundice. Unfortunately the number of ex-
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say the same of scarlatiniform eruptions appearing in the course of rheu-
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one-quarter to about two-thirds of what may be assumed
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were affected, although the wards were kept day and night at a uniform
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and a deep flush; in others, there is unusual flushing of the face, with suffusioa
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and chastity, but in the quietest and least exaggerated way.
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^Synonyms. — (?) Tcenia Tnwnna Dujardin, 1845 (not T murina Gmelin, 1790;
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bring on the disease in the animal bitten as one inflicted
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good and not ill and that all we have to do is to take
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sents the es.sential outlines without distracting detail, thus
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experiences, based on the investigations of the Stam-
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spasm, or persistent contraction of the unstriped muscular fibres of the bowels, thus
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derived from the body, but becoming a morbific agent only when a develop-
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ducing a probe into the wound of entrance, it followed a track over the inner
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blood pressure in the kidney; then the secretion ceases
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1818-1822, in Virginia, North Carolina and somsof the Western States, Pennsylvania,
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there was also a stone present of very large dimen-
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any degree of cerebral depression — from mild sedation
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Fig. 10.— Map of Spartan Mills and the district adjacent to it, showing the
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blood you must order him to bed, enjoin absolute immobility, give
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and even practised it ; so that modem telegraphy, again, is a
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the cavity of the uterus, with the shoulders in close
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Apjohn, whose knowledge of chemistry needs no comment
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adjacent, and thus the infra-mammary pain can be explained as
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number of educated physicians employing electricity as a part
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benevolent and accommodating spirit of homoeopathy :
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ability cither to recollect words, although their meaniu,
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that in a boy's fight he had had a small blade of a knife broken off in
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22, had irregular bony prominences on the lateral walls of