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rative cholangitis, however, is occasionally observed in association with

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in acute and chronic diarrheas, the doses for children being

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slight irregularities of the septum when there were disturbances of the

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He said that the Government were at the present time doing a

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read printed matter also existed. The letter in ques-

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a house on the borders of Lake Erie. She was being inoculated at the time

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It is also of interest to note that the action of quinidin and digitalis is

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Buchner and his assistants, at Munich — these and

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varying in size from the head of a pin to the diameter of a hemp

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activity of organic processes become, as it seems, less-

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soon as it firmly contracts again traction should be resumed;

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ances, with or without mental or nervous symptoms ; third, cases with

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Piffard, of New York; S. W. Gross, of Pennsylvania; and J. W. Green.

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able. The second was probably undertaken with the idea formerly so

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fourths of all the cases of acute rheumatism under the age of fifteen. The

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enlargement of the left hepatic lobe with the fore-

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developed, jaundice, vomiting, delirium (and other cerebral symptoms),

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Arizona, in 1 979 where he was director of the Family

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sufficiently attenuated to be tolerated by the host, and yet

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in different cases and at different i)eriods of the same case.

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intramuscular injection. After at least four weeks of

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three years of life, are those in which epilepsy most frequently commences.

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As to the discovery that heat is life and cold death, the proposition of

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In this a single bent thread connected with two electrodes is applied to the

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vision in the right eye. If this had been done something

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such cases for a bacteriological test, which will be made

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made, and in these it was very incomplete ; in no case is there any mention

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