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usefulness of the institution, as many patients thus treated

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Btroctnre gradually disappears, and its free surfitce, at first perhaps thrown

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and appreciating their progressive degeneration. It is for this reason

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tions, seven the strength of his intellectual faculties, and six refer to

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oping the body and extending from the axilla to the hips, suflSces to

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schles. Gesellsch. i. vaterl. Kulf. 1883, Bresl., 1884, Ixi, 34-

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this he felt no ill effect. On the day in question a new

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would stain in the usual way. Differences in size of

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cotton, by the figure-of-eight turn, from the toes to just

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prodnced; whereas, if arsenic be given internally, the leg will

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tions of the abdominal cavity with hot salt-solution

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such thenceforward through the whole course of the disease, or

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Operation was performed three months later, consisting of

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intervals, and bearing in mind that of medical officers arriving in the

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the velocity of the reaction and are probably the most important factors in

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local treatment with nitrate of silver, and particularly with a weak

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Dr. Job SON Hoene had detected a similar lesion in tlie inter-arytienoid

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of preliminary education, two years of college work and also

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the exceedingly sensitive character of the parts operated

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in or beneath thick muscle may be pressed down beyond

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Had Bacon lived at an earlier period, his philosophy would not

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constituted the first symptoms in a considerable num-

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recovery very soon, the doctor continues with his pet series

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Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic Surgery — Facial and Body, Maxillofacial, Head and Neck, Hand, Burn and Trauma

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strongly directed to it, and very few notices of its ravages

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uary 5, 1893, and not agaiu till JIarch 2d, when slie

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ing the 4th week, however, both the ear and sheath lesions of one

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vulsion-fit, epilepsy, and hysteria, furnish proofs

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tuberculosis. It is the duty of the National Confeder-

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Among the acquired conditions are acute diseases and

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moval through the mouth by knife and scissors, after

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Last fall Mr. Eugene B. Crawford, Jr. left us after 1 5 years as Associate

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be done, in a great measure at least, by the subscriptions of