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there is thrombosis followed by secondary changes in the adjacent
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cases, or 18.7 per cent, occurred after thirty. The
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pearances. In a remarkable case of murder, in which the body of the deceased
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abnormalities, and she fell into a gentle toxic delirium and passed
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and sporulating within the cell, forming six to ten refrac-
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some time in the distant past no doubt so named by some
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I leave to the research of those more interested than 1 am in its solu-
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the lesions are rather those of acute atrophic cirrhosis
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the contraction, shriveling and thickening of the protoplasm.
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more or less complete disintegration of the normal tissue-elements thereby. In
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Ashford, of Porto Rico, has made extensive contributions, and
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in region of right kidney, in the larger joints, and from oedema of the legs, especially
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whole skeleton systematically, showing itself by lesions which are identical ;
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its branches to the sterno-mastoid muscle were reached. Mr
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with State and municipal governments in arresting the spread
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different species of the same group, so that some initiative knowledge as
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possible we ought to attempt the treatment of kidney stones by
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degree of differentiation required in each particular organism.
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Mr. DE Santi congratulated Mr. Harmer and Dr. Lewis Jones on the
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fering for about 15 days with febrile disturbance, accom-
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orni; or (2) a hemorrhagic form, with petechial and other
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phones, , 10 ' 14 Arcade ' Medical Arte Building HOUR3:
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expressions, however mataphorical, indicate the kind of operation sought
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speak of her eyes smarting and watering if she tried
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sooner and sometimes later than the clisea.^e whicli it covertly accompanies,
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After the crust falls off the place seems depressed and
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for advice and aid, and to Dr. T. R. Crowder for ex-
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of neurasthenia. Gutnikov attributes the large amount of phosphorus
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object of our percussion, viz., the elicitation of a
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The FOURTEENTH annual course of Lectures will be commenced on Monday, the 13th
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As regards the specific contagious disorders, the antiseptic
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shaking very vigorously, but, it is not so severe as in the quartan infections.
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instilled and a bandage applied. The pupil dilated fully, and