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the Jussieua grandifolia, which, he affirms, "purifies all stagnant water
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of the vagina. Two more were introduced still nearer the vagina, and
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iodides. In these two places alone, probably, hundreds of
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cian, died March 24 at a Racine hospital after suf-
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screen gives the maximum of chemical activities below the
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brane, or associated with inflammation of the tonsils or of the s
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of the brain. Pauline Tarnowsky, the well-known Russian,
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tion of the tendo-Aohillis and jdantar fascia. Med. <fe
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midsummer, bring about changes in the white corpuscles of the blood
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rhcea and vicarious menstruation, successfully treated
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.)riginal stream.? Surely none. So in the VVoithington mill, \t con-
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the pupils are small and the face and ears flushed and hot. It
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ing the consideration of some points in the etiology
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The appointment of the Anaesthetics Committee by the then Koyal
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faint after a hard stage, exposed by way of drying them to
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try the efficacy of prayer, especially as that was cheaper. Sure
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neurotischen Muskelatrophie " is the same disease. The peroneal type is
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CAUTION: Federal law prohibits dispensing Anusol-HC
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tions made by its assistance, in the intimate structure of the
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the observations I made on the case of hydrophobia which took
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In making jams many cooks after allowing the proper pro-
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deafness concurrent with adenoid growths is remarkable.
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Leyden {.4rc/iiv f. Psychiatr., 1878, viii., p. 31, cpioted
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creased thickness and density; and that the interstitial tissue of the
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chlorid internally and locally in a child of 5, pronounced mori-
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Brain for Fluid," by Dr. Christian Fenger, Chicago ; "The Imme-
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tation of the institutionSj societies, or associations with
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have not space to quote the remarks on tight-lacing. The ladies must have
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connection with pyaemia. This section will be devoted chiefly to diseases
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and less in quantity ; that from a nerve is fat and oleaginous. Finally, the atti-
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for Court favour, and is said to have given valuable information