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blackened by nitrate of silver in the hope of curing his epilepsy. The
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from some bygone inflammatory process ; it may be from mere
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In the rapid course of lectures, where work for the
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societies work together in a more cost effective and
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Berkefeld filtrate containing the tumor-producing agent was prepared as usual
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past year, performed successfully five renal operations on
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to set, and the tubes are then wrapped in sterile ma-
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bowels acting well, giving an abundance of water, which is the greatest
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In the Manual of Practice a number of minor changes
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will enlarge the area of dullness ; improvement in the local condition
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before the golden age of Pericles was little more than a medley
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Paris; Honorary Member of the Societe Beige de Chirurgie;
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each individual divides many times, forming two multinucleate cells.
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Blood counts, made at intervals during and after attacks of hsematopor-
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xxr T^ A 1 • x-> r. T r> u months, as heretofore, is to extend through-
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seems quite as simple to him as is the every day removal of an
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comparison of the results obtained by other practitioners. Dr. Bennett concludes : ^^ That
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twins born in a parish iq Finland. Each child has its
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{Hygiea, Stockholm, January 31, 1920, Ixxxii, No. 2, p. 45).
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the cities of Orange, Plainfleld, and Camden, and, so far as I am
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hand, such an explanation is manifestly incorrect. This tendency may only be over-
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chen Auge, Furtsihi-. d. Med,, Berl,, U98, xvi, 614^018.—
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associated with prolapse of the rectum. Abdominal pain was
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been observed ; accidents after its subcutaneous use in diphtheritic
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heard at the apex, and the left ventricle is considerably hyper-
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unless you do. Of course record that the patient can see to read
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case recovered, out of some twenty cases occurring in the
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I am inclined to regard the disease as a degenerative familial one comparable
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The treatment, as far as it concerns the pulmonary affection, embraces only
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people increase in hardness and size, leading one to suspect malignant
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certain softness, which soon gives place to well-marked fluctuation. The