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themselves in hemiplegic limbs, but more rarely, and only when the loss of
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committee of the Society — say the Censors — who should personally,
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"TheField of Art : " Newly Discovered Refinements in Architecture. (W. H.
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cially, during an expiration, the crepitation that is so rarely absent, that it
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concerned, but such cases are too often the forerunners of
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supposed to be produced through the medium of a passive congestion.
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both ; whether primary as affecting the brain and nervous sys-
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The prevention of bedsores requires the utmost cleanliness on the part
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Leeds there are ill families to 100 houses, and the mortality is 1 in 48.
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Case 1. Male, white, age 3 years. Family liistory, no interest.
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the endemicity of malaria or the malarial index. There are two other
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stances are, early relief from the active treatment which may
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they are attacked with a common nose cold, (c) Herpes labialis may
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a HomcBopathic practitioner on the Ist of August, 1832,
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curve. The results in those discharged with arrested disease are far less
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similar to those above referred to, and I was told she had
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that no person could afford to neglect X rays in the examination of the
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arrangements for the forthcoming meeting of the American
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the several speakers. Dr. Buchanan, Dr. Smart, Dr. Martin,
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but a profuse oozing of blood followed, for the arrest of which
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this disease. It is not usually regarded as a serious malady,
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for Research Excellence” (CURE). The mission of CURE is “ to advance biomedical research through public
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shall be a sufficient reason to exclude any animal from the herd used for any purpos(
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and occur at intervals, but memiuanous expectoration
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canal being the cause of a slowly-progressing paraplegia. Treatment
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fession, its disciples and the work of our honored and well estab-
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chest, are in conformity with its terrestrial wants ; the third seg-
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; tion gains entrance to the body, namely, contamin-
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and, though it may not last, are sufficient to make them feel that they must
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enshonalanga, ngemakilometha langu 144, lokusho Kutsi ngemamayela
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Infected rats presenting atypical appearances were relatively