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pose. The 15th case presented the signs of pulmonary soli-

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that, speaking of what is known as the inflammatory

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the gastric crises of tabes. An examination of the stomach contents

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tion aA to the condition of any patient in the District hospitals, within

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and Clinical Gynecology in the College of Physicians

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Cold to the Head ; in other cases a Wet Pack will be found preferable.

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cillors of the Massachusetts Medical Society, it seems to have few friends in

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said would kill me, has got well." I looked at his neck and

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Astruc ; or whether the dyscrasia is only temporary, the poison

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has a comparatively straight course (in one of the glands studied, the duct

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intelligence to speak of the curative effects of hypnotism

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reality. There might be slight edema over the crests of

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a railway collision, he received a violent shock. Shortly after the accident he was taken

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prove fatal in a few hours, or it may continue for weeks, at times

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has had pretty fair health until the end of November last, when she had an

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icians and made notable and accurate contributions to clinical medicine.

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tory or respiratory organs. The nervous system consists of a ventral

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appearance that it would have been the cause of trouble later. I am

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gives the results of an extensive study of the situation with respect to

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with the First Division, Eighth Army Corps, and assigned to

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mended first by CuUingworth), a solution of the mercurial

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finger's breadth below the costal margin in tlic niaiimiillary line and. in tlie nifdiaii

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with four very motile pedunculated or sessile bothridia, or with four

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(piire the following conditions to be complied with in the

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The kitchen is to be separated from the dining room by a

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equivocal data upon which he has founded his proposed

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time of the injury. The foramen of Magendie at the apex of the fourth

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Society of the State of New York, to wit: Constitution.