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„;tl. .martino- and watering of the eyes, runmng from the nose,
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or so severe that the patient is completely helpless.
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for example, squamous cell epithelium arising from columnar
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contact with the delicate serous membrane, and ulti-
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able to find any similar case reported, and would be glad
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students, he will often pass by the uninteresting case ; if
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This provision, as will be seen, furnishes a possible
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Suspension Bridge, only to see two messenger boys each trundling a bicycle.
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twelve years one-half the above doses. Meara believes the action
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degenerations and, little by little, atrophies. The lesions have a marked
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thought useful in destroying escaped parts, as a small slough
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the patient is seldom warranted. The more matter-of-fact
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ing as an additional illustration of the closeness of relationship which
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means to use in epilepsy. It was clear to him that the nitrite caused, with
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pneumonia epidemic with an unusually frequent occurrence of pneumonic
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the accumulation in the walls of the vessels imd perivascular sheaths d
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soon after starting in private practice he was appointed visiting
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obtain primary union as simply as in the case of small subcu-
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the relative value of these or other measures. Other remedies, whick&
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Had Bacon lived at an earlier period, his philosophy would not
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used. The older forms of mechanical correction were
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to a special hospital; (2) compulsory vaccination of
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be distinguished by the immediate and complete cessation of pain after a
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copious as to quantity, and in the advanced stages pale, of very
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113. Ergot of Rye in the Treatment of Mental Diseases. Dr. J. Criehton Browne . 106
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of the kidney in order to put the patient in good condi-
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mucous membrane, the nasal fossa?, or the lachrymal ducts (Peter).
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takes upon itself a more active development, and there might arise within
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extermination treatment of tuberculosis is a subject