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no improvement taking place, it was determined to try digitalis. Within eleven
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ment. An Examination of the Present Condition of Wounds
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I do not mean to apply a general rule to every special
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1889, V, 09-71. Also: Obst. Gaz., Ciucin., 1889, xii, 87-92.—
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Colonial Surgeon. He also mentions the facUity and efficiency
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successfully accomplished, one hears and feels a distinct shock, and
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should be placed alongside of and between the legs and around the
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press the opinion, and leave it to future experience to confirm or invalidate
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physical condition and stiucture of the bladder to ac-
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of the school and the primary purpose of training teachers for rural
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remained adherent. This variation, which, like other variations,
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this agreement was not thoroughly established and that
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the asthenic stage is reached the features may have
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marsouin <Ann. d. sc. d'obs.. Par., v. 2, mai, pp. 244-254, 2 pis.
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Of Erb's recently reported 45 cases, 30 were bilateral, 15 unilat-
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Dear Doctor: Enclosed find $1.00 for renewal of subscription to
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another horizontal line (5-6), whose posterior extremity passes
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"1 long indeed, with Lfennec, believed /;«<? crepitation distinctive of pneumonia,
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variety of entropion the existence of an increased inward cur-
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its good effects is said to be explained by the fact that the
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made upon it by him in a clinical lecture, which had also been
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accurate determination of the aberrations of normal
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Fig. 10.— Map of Spartan Mills and the district adjacent to it, showing the
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A hypodermic of morphia was given, which acted so promptly that
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more severe with the progress of the disease until the occurrence of delir-
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on the Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Programs, A Committee Report,
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S firum and pus_ mingled with an abundant secretion of mucu s. ) The firs_t
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last meeting ; but I wish you to be informed regard-
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proper influence in the development of this state. A large proportion