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larly serviceable, I shall state, that I employed it in three different
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recourse to all the old well-known remedies had been applied
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in proper solution, as observed through von Fleischl's
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~ He inflammation of the fibro-cartttaginous structure of the bronchia, as
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the diagnosis arrived at — on account of the quick progress of the dis-
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it increases by the successive deposit of molecules around the primi-
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half of the left side. There was a small area of moderate
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B. Cases in which operation is demanded hy the con-
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unilateral supranuclear lesions of the hemisphere; it is possible that the
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So, too, our experience in laying ocean cables for telegraphic
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transplanted segment was observed. The abdomen was closed after the
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schemes have been devised but the task seems too 2:reat. If
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appearance ; has taken no Chloroform during the last two days ; takes nothing but a tea-
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trends and problems concerned with socialized medical
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fevers, as affecting the workmen employed by leather dressers, to
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The post-mortem revealed an enormously dilated stomach. The greater
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abscess in an infant 18 months old. The mass was in
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articles; fluids are not to be given in large amounts, since this tends to in-
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scope conveys them. The difference is very much that existing between
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pical character of their nervous system, and its quality, they
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patients sent. The practice seems to be to circulate
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Dr. RooME moved, seconded by Dr. Dickson, that the by-law be read a third time.
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an average error less than 1 per cent. The fat forms so large a
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tongue, and angina; also, on account of speedy disap-
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Bell, in erysipelas, but, as we have seen, in vain.
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well known to all hospital authorities, and who would
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common in nephritis. So also the parsesthesias described as tingling,
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tained that there was pain in the region of the right nipple, and the
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method of estimating the amount of uric acid in the blood, much information
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annual temperature High elevation presents many curious
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There is a growing tendency on the part of school boards
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presenting evidence of muscular prostration and slight loss of
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12 to 13 millimeters (0.48 to 0.52 in.) in length, and has a
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described — obtained by measuring with the galvanometer the