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defined general dropsy become apparent. This is probably
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attention in connection with climatotherapy. It appears that both moun-
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bullions explorer for the purpose of detecting undi-
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Leyden, Holland, on December 31, 1668, was tbe son of a
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tumour, or, in fact, any affection causing abdominal distension, and are
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disease demands, subsequently, long years of clinical research.
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cent., uric acid from 1 to 10 per cent, and phosphorus pentoxide 2 to 7
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eliminated with sufficient rapidity, the disease will limit itself
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Are not some of the Hospitals of this country at the present
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congested, and in the case of the infra-mammary pain the nerve
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examination, erysipelas, puerperal fever, pysemia, etc. The patient's
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Alexandria. The next meeting is to be held on Jan. 14,
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near to its mucous membrane. There is little bleeding if the operation is
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nied with very marked emaciation, and complaining continually of a foreign
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of which, of course, we had no means of being quite certain. It
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in facilities providing long term care to the elderly.
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coffee (two ounces to the cup), and the exhibition of small pieces of
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tion naturally renders operative interference out of the
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I was called to see him for the first time, July 21, about 4 p. m.
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denoting a graver affection than colic. Invagination, internal hernia, and
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Tlie Wisconsin State Medical Society, assembled in thirty -third
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others in various parts of the brain. It is thought that the tubercle
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Proctoclysis, i.e., the administration of the saline solution per
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of all. and this seems to be due, in great |)art. to the
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vidual who drinks three to thirty times a day without becom-
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connection with the seminal fluid, and should occasion no concern.
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40. Dr. Duclos believes that asthma is only a manifestation in the
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when it was left off. These observations were in sev-
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and vesicular exanthema, have been for a long time described
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are completely submerged under an ocean of experimental
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for this. In small animals with hydro-pneumo-thorax a quick
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Wchnscbr. f. d. ges. Heilk., Berl., 1834, iii, 513-515.—