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innumerable fur conveying spring water for internal consumption, and rain
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fied air should not be used in hcemoptysis or disposition thereto, nor
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the higher tissues, and chiefly upon its powerful exhilarant
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"1 long indeed, with Lfennec, believed /;«<? crepitation distinctive of pneumonia,
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■'-- — — • ihe obvius causes of it . « . il-id.
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sion of the catarrhal process to the bile-ducts, set up a catarrhal jaun-
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d€*struction of the circulating polymorphonuclear leukocytes, and a flooding of
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we might have been mistaken, as we both acknowledged our-
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of its own. Formerly a bill of health was simply a statement that the
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state. The patient was a tall robust man, thirty-one years of
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inquiry into the antiquity and practice of nephrotomy, byC. Bernard. —Phil, Trans, ,
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maining part of the tumour, Dr. Zeis determined to try the effects of
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normal, and a coincident decline of pulse and temperature. Here
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except that our society Is In thorough harmony with this Confer-
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of them. It may be difficult without microscopic examina-
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effects a cure. He says : " I did not touch the sac at all,
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ment, the blood began to grow richer at the daily rate of about 90,000.
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therefore diluted or hydraemic. The specific gravity of the serum is stated
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sulphate solution. After the resulting precipitate has settled well (one
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ceives are not those of the lung, but of the chest-
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pulse, and a weak heart produces a weak pulse ; and a weak
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by very moderate heat. The coarser and tougher parts of the
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Among the morbid processes which gall-stones induce, as above
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All communications intended for the editor should be addressed to him
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symptoms, he may be ftiirly regarded as under the influence
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seized with an agonising pain in the epigastrium, limited to
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of the mucous tissue itself, or in the submucous areolar
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by speedy death : and that scattered collections of puriform matter
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* Acknowledgments.— For the opportunity to use cases and material at the
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Attention ii inyited to fbe following analysis of this Extract, at giyen by Ck H. Douglas, Profhwot
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extemporaneous compound about which there is possible for doubt as to