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It is to be hoped that scientific research in the near

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camp. It is not necessary for me to state here, in de-

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sedatives ; full doses of the liquor opii sedativus, or of

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ovale ; abnormal apertures in some part of the septum of

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cold and foggy atmosphere, dyspepsia or irritation of the stomach

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sixty per cent, solution of conlactic acid is rubbed into

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phones, , 10 ' 14 Arcade ' Medical Arte Building HOUR3:

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nent symptoms which occur in the course of the disease. I mention

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results? The first case, seven months after operation, the

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then they would fall down. He could not put his hands in

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of them for ordinary diphtheritic angina, I saw several persons die of

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that the author will cut out this useless feature. It is a

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vances, Discoveries and Improvements in the Medical

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hence, if that only true test, experience in general use, should confirm this

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circulation ; the tongue is usually furred or more or less coated. The

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allow fluid to flow between the glenohumeral joint and

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and for the experience she brought to this project.

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upon but not ruptured. (D. Wooster, Pacific Med. and Surg. Journ., Aug. 1872.)

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Symptoms. — The first symptom to attract attention is usually pain,

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and electricity to the disabled muscles for some time back, but

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duration, 2 years ; severity, 3. [Twelve sittings ; complete relief.*]

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the anterior surface of the uterus thickened and gave extra

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was again introduced within the mouth and nostrils. In a few seconds, the dog emitted

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discussion will include such points as character of the data

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such offenders and place such responsibility upon the

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called to examine the blood in supposed malaria, and

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w^ill be no danger of any portion of it passing in a backward

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'The paper of Dr. Variot and my remarks upon it have

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may occur without a single death, while in the same towns

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linear division of the stricture or a posterior proctotomy

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pass through the M'oiuid, to perhaps become sources of

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the anhydrides of the organic acids ; Dr. Playfair's nitroprussides ;