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H. Dudley, Easton; Dr. Henry D. Michler, Easton; Dr. E.

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sidered from this point of view. Dr. Williams' case of intestinal obstruc-

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the intraocular muscles of mamm.'ils. [Abstr.] Proc.

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red in color, and hence is called inflammatory red softening. It may form

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sistence. The difficulty increased, and by the fourth of the month the passage

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about 10 per cent, of the fatal cases of general peritonitis are of this

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man suffering, graphically told, is much; but to un-

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ease. To do this he will see that none of his male visitors

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lactic acid, or a 20% solution of gomenol in sterilized olive oil

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builds his own boundary wall, and cannot, if he would,

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The credit of pointing out what appears to me to be a more

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ities. In this way the strength of the patient vanishes by degrees, and

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Birth of a Child without Limbs, reported by L. Milspaugh, M. D., . 534

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poison into the circulation precedes the occmTcnce of the con-

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and first practised the operation of tyiiif; the superior thyroideal aitery

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is also of great value as a cardiac and respiratory stimulant.

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( which statistics prove), and in making this statement that old quota-

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there is a certain percentage of cases where the sleep

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omy performed some time before. He was called out of

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was divided over the growth, which presented itself as a trans-

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death of thy creatures. I am about to fulfill my duties. Guide me

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one of them. It was the germs from these which inoculated the

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left behind, the use of snuff packed in spurious tin-

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by disease, that it is a matter of surprise how life, often, under such circum-

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that condition in an institution for three months. She made a perfect

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people were fleeced by these men, but Uiose given are deemed sufficient

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comes rounded otf at its tip, and finally assumes the contour of

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part, the bluebottle, accounts for many marine stings in Ha-

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longer a gonorrhoea exists the more chronic it becomes, and a woman

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pulse in diagnosis and prognosis was fully appreciated, and at the present

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of patients’ preferences by nurses merits exploration. Pre-