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Read before the Louisville Medico-Chirurgical Society February 10, 1S99. For discussion se< p

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Association, Physician-in-Ordinary to His Majesty the King in

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Frances Coomes, the wife of William Coomes, was the

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in the right eye, accompanied by severe pain and marked failure of vision.

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interchangeability between erysipelas and puerperal fever, mentioning a case

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Ulcer, which was given to it at an epoch contemporaneous with Ho-

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the essential part of the organs of respiration ; that, during

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insisted on. At the same time, the patient's surroundings, food, etc.,

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portion of the dissections from which these illustrations have

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the alveolus, preferably of the second molar tooth, but it w-as

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Dr. Hammond was credited with having established the Hospi-

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diseases frequently requires more skill than that of the acute ;

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in detail, is briefly that the spasm is due, not to direct irritation

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Scientific — one which would be better called the Introductory

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Dr. Nathan Bozeman has adopted this form of continu-

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ing the springs of 1806 — 7, when the disease first

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That mysterious legionnaires’ disease which killed 29 individuals and caused 151 to be

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lower half of the cuneus, in which there was no absolute defect in the

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case of hemoglobinuria was seen. Tliis man had repeatedly

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Physicians, whose attention has not ceased to be directed to the con-

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which were observed in the nurse, and violent, choreic, convulsive movements

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The tree-planted promenades leading to the mineral springs in Con-

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he was going to have " lock-jaw," which alarmed him