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the paralytic phenomena depend on the position of the patch

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December, January, February, March, April and May, the mortidity from Tetanus

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entirely occluded the tube. The calibre of the left bronchus is

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porting, on arrival, by telegraph to the adjutant-general of the

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ously with the SriiM Medical Journal, through the courtesy of the Editor.

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at what stage of the pregnancy it should become a foregone conclusion

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of the arteries in Bright's disease, and said they were due

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snow, near the pole, or exposed to a vertical sun, in

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Fig-. 168 is in some respects similar to the movement

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be no better demonstrated than by noting the discord of deductions

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" By the 20th of November, the anasarcous distension of the foot and leg began

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because this would necessarily make the Dominion Council accept as matriculants men who

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parents on initial visits to notify me when unusual stresses

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be not wholly sane or of average mind. Given a predis-

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VA Physical Medicine and Rehab Grand Rounds, fourth Friday, 1 1 :00 a.m., VAMC-NLR Building 68, Room 1 18 or Arkansas Rehab

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the patient seemed to experience no pain whatever. \o

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the general analysis of the author, as respects this new

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readily introduced. The anterior third of the inferior turbinated bone

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contractions of muscles and cramps sometimes occur. An increased secre-

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one inch and a-half long; (10.) In a young man, aged eighteen, who was

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much as the continued growth of the latter is dangerous

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nism. Our researches are expressly limited, by the object in

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surprising that the reckless poor see in such careless giving an

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positive diagnosis can hardly be made without the aid of physical signs,

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all disturbance of their sensibility. The arms, which were never affected to

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able, and are very important for diagnosis. The eye

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32. Dubernard JM, Traeger J. Touraine JL, et al: Patterns of renal and pancre-

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more equanimity since the twinges of his gi-eat toe are a sure token

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would be carried out. He could not, however, see how

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Kerr, John D., Clinton, Univ. of Md., 1908 1908 1910

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cut off, the patient, as in Strubell's case, has been known to drink his own

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cut and torn. Although, according to Dr. Lacheses experiments a round