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there is often a want of symmetry of the face, a very slight deviation
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in<; that livina: |)articles could come into indejjendent
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be had for $2.00 per day. The Sanatorium will send out nurses for private duty for
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said she had "eight influenzas annually;" . . . frequent
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description of this author, the appearance of the child is little changed,
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is perfectly smooth may reach large proportions and produce no
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being necessary. The filtered preparation was then poured into
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of albumin, and it increases on gently heating the tube near its
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present admission. He stated that he had for some years
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milky as compared with normal clear blood-serum. A few
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liver is enlarged, sometimes to four or five times its normal size; its
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cirrhosis of the liver. I have followed the usual classification as given
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not dealt with in accordance with nuxleru surgical ])rin-
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nerves of the female genitals and calls attention to the reflexes
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percentage desired may be calculated from the following
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5. — The conclusions of the author are as follows : The
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of " growing pains," too, often settles the rheumatic origin of many cases of
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and by antiseptic sprays. The glomeruli nephritis he re-
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that the appendix was ruptured in rupture of the sac.
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County Hospital on September 22, 1902, complaining of
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have their definite periods of access, of duration, and of rhythm or
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taught to pick up pins or marbles, catch a ball, to button or
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brain healthy. The middle cerebral artery on the right side, in the fissure of Sylvius,
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probe should be passed through the anterior side of the joint inward
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have a right to say that the unprotected hands can be, and
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destroying first the mononuclear cells. The strength of the leuko-
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1 eluding the sub-mucosa, which is the strength of the
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spasms affected the right side, beginning with the fingers, and extending
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The posterior operation was done upon this case, employing
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tion of the right lobe, and the pia over the frontal portion of the
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departure from it now can not be otherwise than a step back-
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