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and the chronic. We are not informed what is the number of

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light being steadily kept upon the point previously indicated, the laryngeal

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fil>rillary contraction. Several months may elapse be-

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minor articles that were published in The Connecticut

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Hughes, M. D.; besides the usual Selections, Editorials, Reviews, Book Notices,

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tures. The " state of irritation" was seen to have nothing

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procreation, the effect on the offspring is much more

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this is only apparently so. In reality, I feel justified in say-

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With every attempt to sound the esophagus we should always care-

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his colleague Mr. Maunder) tied the femoral artery to

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analysis was carried out on a much smaller quantity of material. Larger

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scapula ; the triangular included portion of implicated skin

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tation of the institutionSj societies, or associations with

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quickened, and thus in turn an increased supply of oxy-

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come to the king's gate, tliat on their way ihey perceived, with

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by a secretory epithelium (columnar), the constricted portions of the tubule

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preliminary education," rejected this plan, and' in its place adopted the

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late syphilides not only in being attended with more or less deep ulceration

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near us, but, although I had the same bad feeling, I was

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scraped from the glass, powdered in a mortar, and transferred

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the frontal bone ; It then approaches the lambdold suture, with which it possibly

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as vascular, by constant pressure and the motions of the tumour, that he had

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newly-purchased, infected birds ; or by neighbouring birds, as

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Smiley — At Germantown, Pa., on the 13th instant, Sarah, wife

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*' Girard-Tenton : Memoire sur la Pression Atmospherique dans ces

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arrive at the probable cause and time of lesion, which it

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Thirty years ago. Prof. Weisse, of St. Petersburg, advised

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when it i con idered that they wen- diffused over sixteen years, and

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distinguished men then adding renown to the city by the lustre of

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of the opposite thigh is unimpaired. It will be seen

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New Mexico. Indeed, most patients from southern and temperate