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by an exploratory operation. This is a rule in practice never to be
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been mentioned that he had been ineffectually treated, at various
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discovered casually, come to be relieved from the nasal
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were then in course of treatment have been completed, and
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the urate of soda. Moreover, the salts of potassa have a diuretic action,
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and partly on their seats (Curkte). A methodical arrangement
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unsteadily, but the joint affection amply accounted for that.
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One might think that the whole thing was a joke and
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nicantes" they reach the sympathetic cord, passing up to the first
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quantity. It must be given every two or three hours till we
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water (saturated solution), or boric acid and water may be applied
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Put some floured butter (butter rolled in flour) into a stew-
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the most perfect specimen of the kind of case referred to in the
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miserable and inevitable death. His imagination was so much disturbed that he
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a man aged 41, the clinical characters of which, as well as the chemical
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; tion gains entrance to the body, namely, contamin-
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itis, the dropsical affection known as hydrothorax.
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fully equipped dispensary service for the sick poor.
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especially in regard to the development of the female pelvis and
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sented at the time of admission; yet this patient's life was prolonged for nine
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where no male doctor would ever be admitted. Lately
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that he has heard of from fellow practitioners. Tapret also had
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day to day; the elastic fibres have become much less, the tubercle
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happen, sometimes, that the irritability of the congestion is kept up by
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ing in bed. So-called gonorrhceal cystitis was almost
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have been supplanted by the Dr. L,ydgate of Middlemarch, the Dr. Benassis of
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nitrate of silver to the naso-pharynx ( 3 j. to \ j.) every
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arranged in groups which, in accordance with the fashion of the times, he called
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who has been on a milk diet for some years : he caught from his sister a very benign