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of the stomach, with a sense of heat or burning, and intolerable op-

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would include Certified and Pasteurized Milk among their list

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— deafness, tinnitus, vertigo, pain and facial palsy — will first be con-

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representatives of the Scotch Universities and Corporations the position of the

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and constitutional disturbance may be exceptionally high. Maniacal delirium

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not all these things as requisite to promote comfort and pre-

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The epithelium of the bladder may be tlirown off ex-

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his presentation was considered very relevant by the attendees.

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dissection to expose the base of the broad ligament high

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The first of these contains 125 grams of bromine and 125 grams of

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not subjected to infection, did not develop the disease.

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to be given an opportunity to decline a re-election. Let it be known

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24. Each Sectional Council shall have the power of making any such arrange-

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highly plausible, but this association is not necessarily present.

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Tracheotomy in diphtheria, 107 ; death after from ulcer-

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watered weekly, and the condition of the water noted.

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symptoms and by means of a laryngoscope, etc. The exact position of the

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charges and undeserved rebukes. The public are so accustomed to dogmatic

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not produce a sense or feeling of dissolution, nor delirium, nor

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Variola. — Finsen's experimental work has established

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tock as having come under his notice ; in which, be-

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values upon a dial. If, as in all metallic manometers, the zero point be dislocated,