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slight chills or cool feeling and slight headache followed by sud-

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mittee by the Metropolitan Asylums' Board that such a committee might

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where unconsciousness is present and convulsions are absent, but

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pressing on the Drum-head., j>^oducing Aural and Cerebral

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ing agranulocytosis), jaundice and hepatic dysfunction have been

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According to the same table 16 per cent, of the fatal cases were due to hemor-

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none are discoverable — neither headache, vomiting, catarrh, nor cough,

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parts of the body are described. The latter portion consists of

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atrocious itching, which constantly torments the sufferers, jn-oduces

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that these poisons show a certain similarity in their phj'^siologic action

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functions, a problem which presents far greater complexity.

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ern regions, who resort to New Orleans during the winter

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AHA: American Heart Association, Utah Affiliate, 645 E 400 South, Salt

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restaurants offering local and international cuisine, an endless variety

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rior convexity of cerebrum, near fissure of Sylvius. Incision at this

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deavoured to impress upon you the great difficulties which exist in

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drying in a chamber, the hair is got rid of by beating or

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County Hospital on September 22, 1902, complaining of

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ransack the medical literature of his country for the past

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below the left nipple and one inch to its sternal side; shock was

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smail-pox hospitals. During his period the measles have pre-

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thenia are exceedingly common. The acute delirium of active,

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their remedies, because they would be known at once to be of no value.

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much this is the case. So long as this is understood to mean only

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