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probably at the bottom of it, as well as its title to god

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II. Treat the patient on the spot, in the open air, exposing the face and

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tral board. Such bodies can do much in the prevention of insanity.

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administering internally, narcotics, nervines, alteratives and tonics ;

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vocal cord, took place regularly. Hence the result was negative :

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therefor should be awarded to the Robert M. Thompson Pellagra

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that it is of more common occurrence in cases of aneurysm than in

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reveals little that is special. There is a tendency ip the body to rapid

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phenomena of mind differ from those of external nature. "We

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tabes. But it is not scientific to call the recurrent palsy of the third nerve

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motor changes alone. 1 will not, however, attempt to make any defi-

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rheumatic affections. The pith of the Hemlock dried makes an

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124 Nervous Diseases of Children. Elizabeth F. Kearney.

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ment of the case, which, however, has for us no further interest.

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Dr. Bastian said that the facts brought forward by Dr. Sanderson were most

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was given 4 ampules of digifolin subcutaneously. The patient

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and girls and also among lads of fifteen and eighteen

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effect may be given to such parents a few days before the attendances

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quently turbid. This water is filled with an incal-

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woman for twenty dollars ; who will sit up all night and make three

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ment without any unfavorable symptoms during the pu-

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distinguished men then adding renown to the city by the lustre of

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bottom of most of the cases that occur. The two chief character-

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1/3 minim of hydrochloric acid to the grain dissolved in dram doses

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to operate, and the conditions being explained to the

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ing of the abscess diminished the reaction, but this did not dis-

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change its position. The nucleolus, however, becomes some-

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He did not think statistics upon cures effected by pessa-

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ideas perverted. He offered to take a gramme (= 15 grains) of morphia at one

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Constitutional symptoms, especially chills, fever, and sweating, signifi-

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of pus.* This was a singular specimen of disease. It happened

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the air introduced must be raised within working limits before the

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and glycosuria, but these symptoms soon disappeared, and within a few