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true of chemical light energy as well as of thermal. (3) By

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in mind that children do not bear morphine well, and it should be admin-

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sensibly to diminish those daily losses of blood which take place in almost all

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was of a strumous character. I directed three table-spoonsful of the sat-

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eight feet of rubber tubing, and a hard-rubber funnel

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was used, and again mental trouble has supervened when an

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Bridgeport City Medical Association, for the refined and generous

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believes that a sufficient salary — not less than $5,000

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lem. If there be sufficient tissue to permit accurate approximation

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eyes or defective vision in one eye ; the possible use of some drug

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ined the scales scratched from the epidermis of the bald patches, where

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following the attack the patient is almost well again.

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nouvel agent anesthesiqne ; 6ther bromhy drique. [ Ahstr. ]

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Anyone can import opium, but it can be sold only by the suc-

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Ann., 1897,xviii, 193-200.— von 'Stoffella(E.) Ueber Hy-

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nucleus is seen. The majority of the leucocytes are myelocytes,

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the abdomen and to release, if possible, the captive bowel.

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porter or a glass of wine, or what would be worse, a dram of whiskey,

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sirable to collect infants in an institution, combined or not

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as soon as he enters the service in order that he may maintain disci-

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331-344. Also: Am. J. M. Sc., Phila., 1899, n. a., cxviii.

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uncommon. The temperature of 56° fails to kill resistant vegetative

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but little alteration after the first day or two, for about a week. The tem-

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ment of alcoholic stimulants which, although not pertaining to the con-

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Bearing of Pathological Processes on the Therapy of Morbid

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day after the operation. — Giorn. di Fi^iciij 2d Bis. 1817.

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acidified with nitric acid, and a few drops of nitrate of silver added, and

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butions during the hot spell. Physicians who cannot

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