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Oct 14-16 Strategies in Primary Care, HealthPartners Inst for Medical Education, St. Paul, MN. AMA Category 1 credit
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more or less inflammation. The calibre of these strict-
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hard body of the uterus may be mistaken for a fibroma, and this condition
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intermediate host which furnishes the growing list of insect-borne dis-
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duty. On Sunday the 13th the churches which have generally
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Ratios of a trained man, " T-T'," an untrained man " U-U',"
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centage are those who are innocently infected, espe-
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number of pea size calcareous nodes; likewise in the retroperitoneal connec-
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Result of Amputation of the Thigh from Injury and Disease.
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one exclusive system and set of doctrines, and to look too
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separate diseases. In Chapter VII Simon tells the story of Demodex
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the blade, and to get at least the latter part of the incision the proper
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correct, although he died of brain fever caused by the tubercular
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tendance at, and participation in, sessons of actual reading
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very long while, instances are found where the tibia
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to be prepared foi an operation the next morning. The incision
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remarkable results attained by means of it in a very large
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when examined immediately after death : 2d. When death more
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When he came to my office on the following day, he said his
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limbs are usually more affected than the lower, and articulation may be
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in any direct relation to the increase of leucocytes ?
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brought into play at the proper moment. In a third group vocalisation
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Mortality in Four Large Towns in the East of Scotland (Edinburgh,
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uraemia, hysteria and organic lesions of the brain.
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the serum has been demonstrated bv over a hundred thousand in-
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r n^n ...nllpH freelv com- a sensation of warmth or burning the dress-
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bladder or the tender utero-vesical region is palpated, and the thickened
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risk of imperfect admixture, and it would not be difficult to devise
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the mesial, and both sulci were of about normal depth and length. The
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with cathartics. In fact, in the former case, less injustice
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Since these " Lectures" were written, large and solid advances have
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mucous surfaces, germs precisely like those figured bodies represented
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especially in the cervical group, were enlarged. Negative results