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same purpose, as sharp pinching of the skin in the epileptic zone
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or rather infrequency, and at the end of four months I saw a
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ting my scientific interest in the case to anxiety for the
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and over it a small gum elastic catheter, in the manner practised by
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"Sulphur and Calcarea Garb., often prove highly beneficial in alternation,
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ture quickly, and when compressed, as they are when packed in a
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air kills them. For this reason very simple methods suffice
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cal rays can pierce the body sufficiently strongly ; that blue
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with those obtained in the same way from the soft sore, was,
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ever method we avail ourselves of, it is scarcely necessary to say that
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then begins to complain of severe pain in the abdomen,
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piece of rubber tubing attached, into a solution of: Carbolic Acid,
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blocked or sweep it clear of accumulations which have
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bearing a strong resemblance to epithelioma and to the syphilitic ulcer. E. D.
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Med 1906, Ix, 314) and Tsehistowitsch and Kolessnikoff (Multiples diffuses
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of nervous matter, due largely to anoemia, and is contraindicated in
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fore, the abdominal route is preferable because we can
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of the recuperative elements, but that of -the motor nervora.
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It is an undeniable fact that the scar of granulation
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ment, which we shall learn when speaking of uterine diseases, may be
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in mind, that no medical treatment whatever will be of any servicef^
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tending the gradual weaning of infants may be eliminated by accus-
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Oil for lighting purposes during the past few years, it
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buildings growing, and. the rural town of old fast becoming un-
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ureter, in the perineum, in the penis, and in the buttock, with retraction of
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«,p1I a^ iustice More than three thousand " Family Kights [as me^pa
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stance, in his ordinary w T ay, by experiments and facts. He
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4. Under the influence of a full dose the pupil attains Its maximum dilatation