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the patient lying upon her back. Dr. Ryan suspected the existence ofa

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From data reported by the Indiana Station to study the effect of

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lung apex be healthy, and not a suitable nidus for the

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and sometimes in early malignant syphilis; in a certain percentage

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portance. The significance of acid-producing bacteria which grow at

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PiLON, H. The Coolidge Tube . . (^Baillihe, Tindall & Cox) 7s. 6d.

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The question now arises. What has been the cause of

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•r. Smith a handsome fee for the occular demonstrations he has

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the case, and there may be additional evidence produced, I think there ought

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But in other cases, comparatively rare, the coats of the rectum descend so as

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tion. The tumor is slightly movable from side to side.

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quotations from the older authors. As many of these are from

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in tliis direction, and that we have entered upon afield

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present in most cases. De Renzi states that the disease is characterized

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Miss V., fifteen years of age, a large, rapidly growing, anemic, nervous

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Send your subscriptions to Carolina Medical Journal.

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officer appointed for that purpose, be fallacious." Hence the

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observation of Fayrer describing how an English officer in Calcutta,

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tions. Mr. Hanot, in order to render his lecture more

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to what treatment I should adopt. Believing the disorder, however, to be

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12 HENRY C. LEA'S PUBLICATIONS (Mat. Ned. and Therapeutics).

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identifying fibrinogen or fibrin split products should be car-

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favourable if the person be youthful and strong. The contrary circumstances to

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tendency of the disease to cling to particular houses,

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climatic influences, so is also the time for the appearance of the disease

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he set a[)art two days for the poor in each week. To the veri/ poor he

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origin from the spinal cord and the giving off of the rami

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developing themselves. It is no diagnosis to say that a man

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is chiefly affected by the state of the perspiring pores on the surface ; for it is only when