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Taylor and his knowledge of his profession rendered him useful in the absence
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the clefts of the toes and around the toe-nails. Tempera-
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which move the eyeball in the same direction in which the deviated object seems
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16. The Clinical Significance of Ascites — Raymond Wallace, M. D., Chat-
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operation, since without it he stands no chance and with
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sulting in rapid separation of the eroded tissues. In
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influences exercised when these gases are employed and the injurious effects
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loes not possess, it is an illusion, and if we, acting
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gallons of running sewage ; but of course the quantity of disin-
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to those of ptomain-poisoning. But, as Harrington points out, there are three
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half centuries old, which I unearthed in a German town as odd as itself. The
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the edges of the gaps were scraped with the sharp spoon, the slices of os
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foregoing case, is interesting from several points of view, wherefore I beg
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because we must— that is a physician’s role. I can think of no
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febrin, thallin, and ethyl alcohol. Quinine acts by a direct depression of
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matter of the pieparations studied, including the cortical gray matter of the
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favor of the public by means of notoriety or self proclamation
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and those brought on by hoemorrhage and convulsions in
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teaching clinics rarely utilize more than half a dozen
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On January 29, a suprapubic transverse fascial incision was made
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tissue, so that the open mouths of vessels can be located and
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jM-ogressive growth, cachexia and with the increase of certain cells
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proteids that causes the death of a starving individual, [dr.]
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was himself his best theme, but he drew a friend or an enemy with
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years, who has for several years had myocarditis on a basis of
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ure, and who has a smallish meatus, will be cured by in-
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looping the patellar fragments and to fortifying the pre-
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between the initial papules, in this form, on the contrary, the face is invaded
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seeks its victims in all ranks of society, we find that certain
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Delivered, in the Worcester Medical Institution, before
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! sions arrived at by Dr. Shakespeare, who was sent to