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cially of beer, which is ofteu consumed by these women for the jnirpose

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yeflerday, with headach. Supertart. Potafl^. as above, which

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as well as in that form of the affection whidb follows scarlatina, small-

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was applied, after which the uterus was packed. The temperature

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acid, or something of that kind. Absolute alcoliol has

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hour is such that the audience will be satisfied by omitting

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orrhage into the substance of the brain, to which attention has recently

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Thanks, MSMA! — Mills — Letters to the Editor — 241

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system, which often terrify those who are unacquainted

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away, and the perseverance in the use of them, removes that irritation which

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discovered in the ancient cathedrals of Cork evidences of an

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Normally, the note in the right supra- and infra-clavicular

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publication medical treatises which deal with the historical

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The bacteriology of posterior-basic meningitis, of the type described

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most severe form they resemble in all respects those of an epileptic seizure.

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sulphate solution. After the resulting precipitate has settled well (one

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soluble, and opiates given pro re nafa, to procure rest and sleep j

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called scybala, which being passed the patient is sure to experience

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terior and posterior vaginal fornices, so that the cervix

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grew worse rather than better. Dysentery and fever continued and he lost

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and then have an attack of this malady in spite of every

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cases). The mortality, however, is not so much higher as one might expect,

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of the kidney in order to put the patient in good condi-

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other distinction lies in the fact that oxalic acid decolorizes solution

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distinguished coadjutors in different parts of the world.

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patient is relieved ; here, as from the internal adminis-

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coughed up immediately after the tube was removed. Occasionally

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cle, embracing all the late prductions of PHARMACEUTICAL CIIEMIS-

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The weight of the heart, too, can only be stated as an average

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rary emphysema occurs in paroxysms of asthma, and in cases of capillary