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no means usually fatal, and therefore, in attacking big game or in
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show how to determine the effects of pasteurization ; of contami-
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Reprint. Also: Med. & Circ, Lond., 1887, n. s.,
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the exudation is largely suppurative The posterior -basic cases are
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14^th April. — Again examined, the following notes being
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; system, was the cause of that epidemic. He explains
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therefore, if it ever occurs, be due to a convergent
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cases, vaccination, although not a perfect protection, has
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The most remarkable and enviable history made by the Med-
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weeks after an unsuccessful, as she thought, attempt to produce an
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eruption may simulate very closely er^^thema multiforme, erythema-
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with it has been unfavorable — it expelled a large quantity of the
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is present in a lesion, then the presence of a clonal
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carbonic acid in the maternal blood, and to the death
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sulted Dr. Pavy six years ago his urine contained 4 per cent, of sugar
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able to immunize a guinea-pig against this toxm and produce an
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Students for the First Year is awarded at the end of the
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be said that it is highly valued for its high-class pork products and is
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two and one-half years ago. Today the boy has a strong leg, ankylosed and *
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he obtained for examination. A cutaneous state of fine subdivision, dymal is very suit-
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mentally, that the cavity must increase in size" coincident with the increase in size
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and hence their indulgence was scarcely a vice. It would include also
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virus; be younger than 60 years of age; and have no pro-
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conductors of sensation decussate in the spinal cord throughout
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of our histories makes us believe that the appendix is more likely
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method of forcible reposition was taken up and practised
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reception of the fracture, the patient fell down stairs and brds:e his
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all four cases a complete cure was effected in four days