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The diagnostic significance of all these signs, it will be observed, depends
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tions ; but the content of albumin was very fc^eble, estimated ijractically 500
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We are now aware, in fact, that muscvlar contraction is the
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monic inflammations and neglected catarrhs, were the most
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injury, infirmity or disease." This decision will suit
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Stock of The Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company, who
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exists, especially if death take place early. The d^ree of bypen^
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the sympathetic with no loss of motion or sensation, but with an increased afflux of blood,
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medical profession. Among the topics addressed were:
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while accumulating manure may breed flies. Garbage attracts flies and
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gated, the more hkely will the good effects of a re-
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At length the patient becomes cachectic ; the anaemia, the weakness, and
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dignity and high standing of the profession, and they desire publicly to ex-
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mucous patches, with a symmetrical, faint, brownish-red macular rash
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afflidted, and the well-known ojjlifoetida being in the hands of
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of the objects themselves. A note-book and pencil for the purpose
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specialists {Texas Medical Journal) and makes some in-
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or of the myocardium itself, or from toxic influences,
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functional attribute or the manner of the distribution of
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displays the evidence of extensive reading, and great familiarity with the sub-
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had now ceased to grow ivorse ; also, that after a few hours, as the dis-
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months, when the temperature of houses is liable to be kept
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possible we ought to attempt the treatment of kidney stones by
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induces salivation — that is, saliva flows profusely, the gums
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S4< Dr M^MuHin'j- Bjfay on Erphema Merciiriah. Jan.
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six inches long and five inches broad ; its walls were half-an-inch
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tirely so, upon the local irritation attending the process being
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niia. Proc. Path. Soc. Dubl., 1880-82, ii. ix, 1G9.—
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was no marked actual atrophy of the muscles. The tendon-
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cal symptoms were those ordinarily observed in cases of