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found, on the right side, a liver dullness extending from the

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constipation, sometimes an associated mucous or membranous colitis,

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considerably tympanitic. Urine high colored. Drachm-

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matosis) in which the temperature usually rises to 108*^ or 110° F.

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principle which makes the birth register the foundation for

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and not long after another case of sodoku was found

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Riv. scient. prat. d....di Milano, 1909, 4, p. 113.

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of Potash in 20-grain doses four times a day would also prove

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under the heading "Physical Diagnosis" (see Part II, Vol. I).

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and reduces the number of its pulsations, raising at the

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(ft) Lupus of the Tongue ... ... ... ... ... .. s.s

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To this end a specimen of the urine is thoroughly shaken and the

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tions as printed in report ; see Baltimore Sun, June 1 5,

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atrophy of the muscles in the limb or limbs affected, corresponding to the

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•■■"li^-t ^t..V'<- '■■:. during tlu- fi,-t tluee ,..■ f,,ur dav- in i!,.- .-a^c ui a -Mn-

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proper influence in the development of this state. A large proportion

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50° F., was three times as great as was the loss at 50° F., compared

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doubtful. It may be a derivative from the own methods of research, each attaining

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and his paper is announced to be continued in a subsequent

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Nouffleur's (Madame) Worm Medicine. Powdered fern 3

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residence, however, a marked change occurred. It began with an attack of

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Dr. Bray. — The standards are not the same in all the provinces.

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where the perineal tube has been fastened in I am a

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The theories of contagion in the air, or by the perspiration, or by the

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just the same ground that has been taken on another matter.

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ments in Dr. Ruppaner's affidavits, he characterized as delib-

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men who replied to the letter, and I say that I am endeavoring to express no

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