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of surgery in the treatment of abscess of the lung and of empyema
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the direction of the force around the occiput, laterally or
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acquires a foul odor that is regarded as highly characteristic of the
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gaged in the practice of medicine or surgery there, who may be called
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diagnosis. A discussion of these centers in relation to
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from three to three and one-third years after emaciation set in.
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tion she received strych. gr. 1-40 and atrop. gr. i-ioo. She went under the
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Genital Infections (Medical Grand Rounds from the Robert C. Byrd
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should not be allowed to prevail. Much of the routine
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found in tubercular lesions of the tonsils, tongue,
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collected by Laveran,* and for further arguments we refer the reader
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opening is so small that there is difficulty in evacuating
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patient may be returned to bed as dry as she came to
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where, indeed, they may be seen enlar;::ed within the eye-lids.
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where it can be employed, neither party in an argument is wise
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The dead body, like so much inert matter, continues to cool until it reaches
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membouie — and do not depend upon over-filling of the vessels, is of
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to the root. It is encountered in individuals with a syphilitic history or in
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appearance of vesicles in the discharges. In the absence of a clear history
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by the feed exacted for issuing the licenses. Inasmuch as there have
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The position which he took as an epidemiologist was original,
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etc. The risk attending the operation is too great and the recuperative
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literature and bj^ the sacrifice of much time and energy outside their
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ments in England indicate the existence of in the high-
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and the inhalation of diloroform* By all of these agents the acticm of
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0th October. — On looking at the arms to-day I find a distinct
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as the bearers of several other spinal diseases do the same, the
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disease are numerous, and, within certain limits, constantly varying in
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Anders asserts that heredity was distinctly traceable in more
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disturbance of the bronchial wall alone, capable of making the dilatation
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living take place, then the mucous membrane forms a fer-
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the mouth, the ileum is the seat in which it most frequently ex-
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from the silver to the brass through the junction, and conse-
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than when mercury is used. And 3d, That the cases of secondary
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Therapeutics. — Mild astringent. Used chiefly as an elegant ad-