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the former. The only possible explanation that I can see of the above

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with choleraic dejecta ; the well-known case of Orgel of Hamburg ; Koch's

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700 atmospheres. Albuminous substances which readily putrefy were

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do their bellwether, even when he leaps from a precipice or jumps into

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is thrown off, leaving a healthy granulating surface beneath. The tissues

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on the question of the nature of fever lies in this, that they afford clearer

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of digestion by the young child, barley water is to be preferred. Barley

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be not cut off altogether, the food provided must be of the lightest and

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by the tetanus bacillus ; they rather ascribe to it a power of enabling the

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volume, and sweating were observed in the other lower limb.

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replacing it in its case. It is a good plan to dip it into clean Avater, and

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gated. Partly through ignorance, but mainly from pure thoughtlessness,

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disease, except in slight and well-compensated mitral valvular affections.

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published in your Journal a short time since, in which it does not exactly

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moreover, the change, either owing to the relentless march of the disease,

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understanding. Theory has succeeded theory ; most of them have been

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metallic poisoning as a means of eliminating the metal from the system.

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rare, except in places in which cholera has recently existed. During the

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and float when the ulcer is held under water. The depth of the ulcer

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same character as the attacks with which he had been so familiar in

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conclusions have been strongly opposed. More recent experience has

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foreign commodities that are still on hand at home, and regulate his im-

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tus to regulate the escape of air (K), which can be worked both from

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cultures a perfectly germ-free filtrate Avhich, Avhen inoculated into animals,

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cases of scalding by steam, treated in the Cincinnati Hospital, which

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with severe and repeated rigors, except as the heralds of acute disease or

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good. The tongue is usually whitish and the perspiration excessive. In

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The mortality in first pregnancies is high(l in 74, Matthews Duncan)

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and continue sixteen weeks. The lectures will be delivered as follows.

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examination and inquiries in the following form : —

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the phrenologists also be active, and exhibit, before every election, the

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laryngeal dyspnoea; similar movements of the lower jaw are some-

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