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infiltration may give evidence of an early stage of the indurative process.
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especially by the absorption of thyroid secretion. It varies in frequency in
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iii'iil is liilii'Mij |(Mui|sivi in MisiM-iPiistricliiin.
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peln, in Silesia, who was a suflferer from it, and in whose familv it had
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tuberculous focus; in this latter case this may be either by the general cir-
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dilatation elsewhere. This action of cold is very marked in some parts of
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ir.r'n|.il. .1 I'll. II Ml. . ntli.-il ■» li;.'iii'. M. I
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neighboring or even far distant viscus, the frequently associated involve-
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the epithelium often shows some fatty degeneration, and foci of round-celled
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centratioii ot" the ix'ifusioii solutions is of coiisiderahle importance in
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Hypotheses of the Etiology of Oalcnlus. — Prout, in 1821, in his classic
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and bacteriological findings than upon these functional te^ts. Some clini-
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technique in the hands of a few specialists, from 1890 to 1900; while from
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hiiost freed of it hy half saturation with sodium chloride, or with a
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e\ ideiice is Hot irret iitahlc, for it mifiht lie aifiued that there are nerv-
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secondary infection, and painful or imperfect stumps. It is probable that
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contain in themselves suflicient inor<:aiiie material, as is evidence!
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apt to depend primarily upon the sclerosis than upon the renal mischief.